7 hours in edinburgh

One Monday, while I was studying at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, I took my wife and children to the airport in Edinburgh.  They were leaving for five days because I had two major papers due the following Friday.  Here is a photo essay of what the day held…

9:15 Wave goodbye and take the bus from EDI to Waverly Station (A).

10:00 Artisan Roast (B): latte and chocolate roll; research for essay. 

11:50 Cafe Nero (C): orange juice and water; more research for essay.

2:15 The Abotsford (D):  Doncaster 1194 Charter Porter, 5.5% (dry, heady, delicious).

2:55 The Last Drop (E): The Last Drop 80/- Ale from Broughton Brewery 3.9% (hoppier than expected); veg curry. No music beyond 1967. 

3:40 White Hart Inn (F). One of the oldest pubs in Edinburgh, dating to the 1500’s: 1/2 of White Hart Ale 3.9% (crisp and light); playing only Rod Stewart.

4:02 Black Bull (G): 1/2 Sharps Doom Bar Bitter 4% (creamy amber); old chap (pictured below) sat down next to me and, after a rant against Scots lottery, saw a page of paper showing Margret Thatchers funeral; he then informed me, "I certainly won't shed a tear for her-- fuckin English cunt. She hated us. And to her credit, when asked why, she said 'because I'm English.' But you know what? Scots have never been conquered-- defeated but not conquered. And 400 years ago we handed the English their worst defeat at Branockburn and they have been licking their wounds ever since." 

 4:35 Castle Arms (H): 1/2 of Stewart Edinburgh #3 Ale 4.3% (dark and sweet).

4:50 Dracon Brodie's Tavern (I): 1/2 Broughty Ale (tart... Like someone dropped a sweet tart in an ale, but not in a bad way).

5:23 Wait (J) for x59 bus back to St Andrews.


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